Production Cycle

falcovací stroj STAHL Centa Printing Services can offer you a complete production cycle from making a printing form to complete bookbinding and shipping.
We make printing forms from supplied handwriting, films, foils, data media, or by data transfer, all according to customer wishes and possibilities.

Dominant Printing of individual orders is executed on one- to four-colour sheet-fed letterpress machines for A2, B2, and B1 sizes as well as on A2 size rotary machines. Zirkon Supra 660 Zirkon Supra 660 Planeta Variant

LBW 650We make all standard kinds of binding from V1 to V8. /V1/ -- wire stitched paper binding, /V2 to V4/ -- glued or stitched paper binding, and /V8, V8a, V8b/ -- glued or stitched hardcover, cloth bound, artificial leather, or other cover materials; with or without a dust jacket.
We can treat the covers and dust jackets with laminating foil, stamping foil, or UV varnish.

Shipping and transport are provided according to the customer's wishes.